“Match.com for shopping.” – Global Editor of CoolMomTech

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Personalization, Redefined

Lela’s breakthrough software matches people to products for an unprecedented level of personalization — and engagement.

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How it Works

Our patent-pending Intelligent Match™ utilizes proprietary algorithms linking consumer profiles to our advanced product mapping.

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For Retailers

Lela’s suite of software and services delivers all you need to capture deeper customer insight, garner brand loyalty, and boost sales.

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For Publishers

Turnkey ecommerce solution delivered as a subdomain. Gain valuable reader insight, new sponsorship real estate and lift SEO.

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What Consumers Are Saying

  • "I love that Lela knows exactly what you want and need, and without leaving the comfort of your home."
    Faith Vera, Editor of FaveMom
  • “Lela is amazingly accurate at matching me. An invaluable personal shopper for busy moms!”
    Ellen Peppercorn, Editor of Thrifty & Chic Mom
  • “Lela makes my online shopping experience simpler and easier and maybe gives me other options I hadn't thought of before. I really like the idea of having some of the work done for me when making decisions about products - especially higher priced ones. Saving time and hassle is a great help.
    Christine R, New York
  • “I need this! I think this will take the stress out of searching (with all my specifications). Less time searching = more time focusing on family and keeping up with housework.”
    Dana T, Chicago
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Our Baby-, Electronics-, and Toy departments have moved!

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